Shower Screens & Bathroom Mirrors

Whatever the size and shape, we are the team who guarantees to be able to make the Shower screen or Mirror you need!

Professional Glass and Maintenance specialises in all shower screens and mirror repairs, supplying the glass and providing the installation services you require. All from one company.

Whatever shape or size shower screens or mirrored glass you desire, we will happily give you a free quote and use our skills to perfect and excel at your glass requests. The quality of our workmanship will really show and add elegance to any room in your residential or commercial setting.

We can offer you sandblasted shower screens if you would like more privacy, and we promise to get it right first time. We can also provide and install screens for baths if you don’t have a shower, so either way you won’t make a splash on your bathroom floors.

Our mirrored glass can be used in any room, on things such as wardrobes or just hung on the wall. The choice is completely up to you and we’ll do all we can to make it happen in a prompt manner and with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Shower Screens ( Frameless , Semi Frameless & Framed Shower screens )
We can repair or install a new range of shower screens
A beautiful shower enclosure is the centrepiece of any bathroom. It anchors the room, directs the light, catches the eye, and significantly increases the resale value of your home.
Whether you have an existing shower screen that needs repairing or replacing, or you just want to update your bathroom with a brand new shower screen, call Professional Glass and Maintenance. Our shower screens are custom designed to maximize the appearance, space and functionality of your bathroom. We fully custom make every shower screen to create the absolute premium bathroom design at a surprisingly affordable price. Our range includes Frameless, Semi- Frameless and Fully Framed options, ask for advice on a design that suits your needs.

Frameless Shower Screens feature frameless glass panels with polished safety edges and frameless, self-aligning, hinged doors with both standard and optional handle designs. This gives your bathroom a larger appearance, but also allows for a sleeker more modern look in your bathroom.

Semi Framed Shower Screens feature frameless, self-closing hinged doors, complimented by exposed edge fixed panels where required. A design of shower screen, which is becoming more mainstream, is the semi frameless shower screen. At a significantly cheaper price than the frameless screen, this product offers a cheaper alternative.

Framed Shower Screens feature magnetically sealed, positive close, pivot doors, with full length door-stile, easy use handles. Fully Framed shower screen designed for years of trouble-free use with the budget conscious in mind

Call us and arrange for a free measure & quote, which will usually take place within 48hrs. Once you confirm you’d like to go ahead with the shower screen, installation can be expected within 5 - 10 working days. All of our shower screens are custom made to the exact specifications of each unique bathroom.

Sliding Doors : 
We offer both Hinged ( Pivot ) or Sliding doors on Fully framed or Semi frameless shower screens. 

Locally owned and operated

All of our shower screens are custom made to suit individual customers. We offer: 

• Frameless shower screens with pivot door or fixed panels
• Semi frameless shower screens with pivot door
• Fully framed shower screens with pivot door or sliding doors
Shower screens installed in Perth
Bathroom Mirrors installed in Perth
Call us anytime for all shower screens and glass mirror installations
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