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At Professional Glass, much like our commercial doors, we custom make windows for commercial applications. Commercial frames are generally used in commercial and industrial type buildings, such as shop fronts, gyms, full shopping centres and much more. Commercial windows are fully framed. Windows can be floor to ceiling fixed windows or sliding windows ( there are great for fast food store drive-through windows).

Whether you’re looking at repairing, replacing or building new, we can assist to get the best outcome for you. As there is no such thing as “standard” sizes when it comes to commercial windows, every product we offer is custom-made at our Perth factory to suit your individual space. Whether it’s office partitions, windows or glass doors, Professional Glass has your commercial glazing needs covered.

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Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows. You hear the phrase everywhere, but what does it actually mean?

A double-glazed window is two panes of glass fitted into a single frame, with a space of air enclosed between them. Not only does this give strength and durability to the window, it also reduces the heat, cold, and noise entering in through the window from the outside.

Not only is a double-paned window stronger and more energy efficient and sound resistant, but they also have a higher longevity rate than most other types of windows, so you get even more for your money.

Give Professional Glass and Maintenance a call today for the best in double-glazed window installation and repairs in the Perth metro area. We will be happy to help you with your residential, office, and business windows to make sure you not only look your best but also have the security you need.


If you are worried about extreme outside temperatures, or about condensation gathering around the edges of your window, or wanting to have a window that will last for years and years to come, aluminium may be the choice for you.

Aluminium is strong, and resistant to scratching, cracking, and marring. The frame is thinner than its vinyl counterpart, meaning you can choose a much larger window size without worrying about it being too heavy.

With thermal breaks built within the frame, these aluminium windows become one of the most energy efficient options on the market. You will definitely see a difference in your bill.

Aluminium windows are great for the environmentally conscientious, as aluminium is very efficient to recycle.

With our selection of virtually maintenance-free windows in a variety of styles and colours, you are sure to find exactly what your style, budget, and needs require.

aluminum frame windows

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