Why Double Glazed Windows Are A Great Investment

Why Double Glazed Windows Are A Great Investment

Jan 6, 2020

Double Glazed Windows Perth

If you are a property owner looking to make some renovations or are working on a new build, then double glazed windows should be amongst your top considerations. This innovative design of window features two glass panes with an enclosed space between them. It is an investment that will see you benefit in the short to long term. Let us look at the specific ways you can expect to enjoy such a great buy.

1.   Enhanced Insulation

The gap between panes helps to prevent the transfer of heat and cold energy back and forth. That means that when the interior has been heated up during the day, there is minimal heat loss when it gets cooler. Conversely, when it is hot, this barrier also reduces heat penetration into the interior or escape of cooled air. It helps to better regulate the temperature, especially during extremes of weather when you wish to feel comfortable indoors.
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2.   Energy Efficiency

By helping to better regulate temperatures in the interior, double glazing does a good job of reducing the need to run temperature control devices like air conditioners on high. With cooled air effectively trapped within you can reduce settings to maintain the temperature level you prefer. The same applies when it is cold. The same barrier helps retain heat inside the building so you get to enjoy lower utility bills.

3.   Improved Security

The double glazed windows Perth property owners install are deceptively strong. Despite the good clarity you enjoy when they are fitted, they are actually much more difficult to break than single-paned windows. They are a strong deterrent for burglars who recognise the difficulty in getting past them. You can further enhance this security feature by opting for laminate that can prevent shattering and thereby reduce the risk of injury for anyone on the inside.

4.   Increased Property Value

The cost saving on utilities, appealing appearance, and security enhancement that double glazed windows offer makes them a top pick for property buyers. Upgrading to this desirable level of sophistication is something many can appreciate and would be willing to pay extra for. Expect the value of your home to increase with double glazing Perth property buyers have come to greatly value.

5.   Noise Reduction

The level of noise penetration into a building can be cut by as much as 50% with double glazing. This is particularly beneficial for properties that are located in noisy areas like along busy roads and near airports, schools, and factories. You can enjoy a more peaceful environment when less noise is getting in. You can also feel assured of not bothering neighbours by playing your musical instruments or watching a loud match on the TV.

6.   Reduced Bleaching

It is fairly common to find furniture, fabrics, and carpet that are exposed to direct sunlight through the window becoming faded in appearance. It is as a result of prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Rather than have to invest in window awnings that could change the exterior look of the property, you can enjoy more discreet protection from double glazed windows that have been coated with UV window film.

7.   Less Condensation

When the windowpane is cooler than the air inside a room, water droplets can form on its surface. This usually clears up quickly, but when it happens, you run the risk of this moisture aiding in the growth of mould and mildew. Not only can this lead to rot in wooden window frames, but also health problems from breathing in spores. If the situation persists, it may take a lot of money to make suitable repairs to make the property habitable again. Preventing fogginess is also important when you have chosen the location of the building for its stunning panoramic views.

8.   Versatility in Design

Today, you have more than just the option of uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) double glazing. You can now get double glazed aluminium windows Perth residents have come to favour. Not only are they great for modern styled buildings, but they are also easy to maintain and clean. Depending on the style of the property and your design taste, you can also be provided with wooden frame options that go well with more traditional designs. All these benefits are yours for the taking when you make the move to enhance your property with double glazed windows. It may not seem that major a renovation, but the upsides it comes with make it a highly worthwhile investment. Be sure to find a qualified installer who will properly fit your windows for you.
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