Pet Doors in Perth

Make your pet feel at home with their own door so they can freely come and go as they please!

Your family pets can provide you with hours of fun and companionship, but sometimes they can cause a little irritation. Things like urinating indoors and scratching at doors and whining when they want to go and play outside can disturb what you are doing. There is an easy solution to all these things and Professional Glass and Maintenance is here to help.

We can supply and fit custom sized pet doors in your home, allowing your dog or cat controlled access to exit and enter the house. They can leave when they need the toilet and come back in when they are ready for some love and attention, without you having to move a muscle.

All of our pet doors are easy to operate and made to the finest quality, which our glaziers will install safely so your pet can use it throughout all their life.  let us provide professional pet door installation services. 

We supply & Install three Types (Sizes) of pet doors 
1. Transcat Cat door Suitable for Cats & Small dogs ( Around 5 kgs )
2. Transcat Dog Door Suitable for medium size dogs ( Around 10 Kgs)
3. Pet Corp Pet doors - Suitable for Large dogs. ( Around 25 kgs)

Features of the Transcat ( 1 & 2 ) Clear Pet Door:

Slim line feature of this door will not obstruct any standard use of sliding doors or security doors.
• Clear, modern and blend with clear glass.
• Suitable for both cats and dogs 
• Easily locked from both inside and out
• Weather resistant flap
• Transparent rigid flap with magnet to stop the flap from opening at will
• Slim, Clean and Clear design to suit your decor (doesn't stand out)
• Lockable security barrier so you decide which pet comes in and out
• Made in New Zealand;
• 3 year Product / workman ship Warranty.

Cat Door / Small Dog : The Small Transcat Cat door is ideal for cats and small dogs up to a Maltese size (around 5kg).
Overall size: 287mm
Flap width: 180mm
Flap height: 170mm

Dog Door: The Large Transcat Dog door is ideal for dogs up to a Small Beagle (around 10kg).
Overall size: 400mm
Flap width: 285mm
Flap height: 245mm

Large dog doors (3) 
Ideal on a laundry or Patio Door Glass panel (single-glaze), The door flaps are virtually unbreakable, a signature of the Pet-corp range. For added security the frames are fitted with security slides locking the flap securely in place. When not in a locked position the flap is held in place against strong winds powerful magnets and comes with a full brush weather seal to prevent draughts.

Other Features & Specification
* Dog weight up to 25kgs / Shoulder height up to 550 mm 
* flap size 295 x 425 (Fits glass 5mm to 10mm 
* Security pins for added protection
* Virtually unbreakable Poly carbonate flaps
* Available in white
* 2 x way locking
* Self lining design
* Self closing magnetic locating flap
* Low maintenance simple to clean
* Brush weather seal to reduce droughts
* 3 yrs warranty against faulty manufacture / workman ship

Installation information. 
Ideal in a Laundry, Patio Doors ( Sliding or Fixed )or on a Lower panel window Glass.

Information required to get a quote online or Over the phone.
Please have this information when you call for a quote.
• Install on a sliding or Fixed side of the Sliding door or Window.
• Glass Size 
• Type of Dog or Cat

Locally owned and operated
Dog walking through a pet door installed by Professional Glass in Perth
One of the pet doors available at Professional Glass
Call us anytime for all pet door quotes and professional pet door installations!
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