The Benefits of Having a Pet Door Installed

The Benefits of Having a Pet Door Installed

Oct 17, 2019

Have you ever considered getting a pet door before? Are you aware of all of the benefits that come with it? By pet door, we mean a door for your pet, not an actual pet door…that would be a little weird. But all joking aside, both you and your pet could really benefit from having one of these handy doors installed. Read on to find out more.

The health benefits of having a pet door installed

That’s right, there are a number of ways that a pet door can benefit the health of your pet. Let’s have a look:

–  First of all, it can be incredibly detrimental to an animal’s health if they have to “hold it” for a long period of time. So, leaving your dog at home all day without being able to relieve themselves can be dangerous.

–  It can allow your pet to stay active and get plenty of exercise during the day.

–    Being outdoors can provide your pet with plenty of stimulation, which is excellent for their mental health and general well-being.

–    Significantly reduces behavioural problems that arise due to boredom (no more chewed up sofas).

–    The freedom to roam around can significantly improve your pet’s confidence and attitude.

Safety benefits that come with having a pet door installed

There are also a couple of safety benefits that come from installing a pet door:

–    In the event of a fire, your pet can quickly escape to safety.

–    If there are any dangers outside, such as a terrible change in weather, then your pet will be able to escape inside to safety.

How a pet door can help to improve home safety

The earlier pet doors weren’t particularly safe. However, now, with technological advancements that allow your pets to have their own unique pass so that they can only be exited/entered when they’re in close proximity; they’re much more secure. But how can they enhance home security?

–    Allows your pet to exit and check on unusual noises.

–    In the case of an intruder trespassing on your property, your pet will be able to scare them away (hopefully).

Other awesome benefits that come from having a pet door installed:

–    Prevents your pet from scratching on your doors and walls.

–    There will be fewer “accidents” indoors. (No more coming home to any unwelcome pee’s or poo’s)!

–    Significantly less barking (your pets can exit and investigate noises as they please).

–    You won’t have to walk your dog as often, as they will be able to get plenty of exercise outdoors while you’re at work.

–    You’ll no longer have to let your pet out or “guess” when it’s time for them to go. They can simply let themselves out.


All in all, many experts believe that pet doors are amazing for their health. However, don’t allow the door to let your relationship with your pet to change. Just because they will have more independence and freedom, it doesn’t mean that you should spend less time for them or walk them as often as you do. Certainly, they will get more exercise, but nothing beats a beautiful, long walk in the great outdoors with your owner!

Interested in exploring our pet doors further? Find out more about the various options that we have to offer. Or alternatively, simply contact us today and we’ll gladly answer any questions that you might have!

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