Are Sliding Glass Doors Right for My Home?

Are Sliding Glass Doors Right for My Home?

Oct 19, 2022

Sliding glass doors bring light, flow, warmth and space into any Aussie home. If you’re looking to replace your old doors with a modern, low-maintenance solution, sliding doors are the clear winner.

Keep reading for installation tips and cost-saving advice from Perth’s glass door professionals.

7 benefits of sliding glass doors

  1. More natural light

Perth is a famously sunny place – in fact, WA is Australia’s sunniest state. Sliding glass doors make the most of that abundant daylight, brightening your home year-round.

Modern innovations in UV-blocking glass coatings mean you can enjoy the sun in summer and winter without worrying about damage to skin, carpet or furniture. 

  1. Maximises indoor spaces

Hinged doors take up a surprising amount of space. The standard door in Australia is 820mm wide, meaning you need at least a metre of unusable space for the door to open.

Glass sliding doors reclaim that dead space. Because they slide over each other, you can place furniture wherever you like and have more room to live. 

  1. Improved airflow

There’s no in-between with hinged doors; they’re either open or closed.

In contrast, glass sliding doors give you total control over airflow. You can easily adjust the aperture (opening) to invite the breeze in on your terms. As well as freshening the air in your home, this control can also help to bring down heating and cooling costs. 

  1. Better views

Whether you want to admire your garden or keep an eye on the kids, glass sliding doors provide unobstructed views outside. 

And those vistas don’t come with higher heating or cooling costs. Instead, our double-glazed glass sliding doors provide wall-to-wall views while performing exceptionally well as an insulation layer.

  1. Adding value to your home

During the recent renovation boom, we were run off our feet with requests for glass sliding doors. Perth families are increasingly choosing to upgrade their old doors during renovations because:

  • Glass doors look great from every angle
  • Reduced energy bills offset the cost of glass doors 
  • Glass doors can increase your home’s value

The aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and unencumbered views provided by sliding glass doors are all things homebuyers look for.

  1. Added security

Aging windows and doors are a target for break-ins because criminals know they’re a weak spot.

Not our aluminium sliding glass doors.

We take toughened double glazing, fit the panels in strong aluminium frames, and secure it all with a multipoint locking system that defeats potential break-ins and withstands any weather.

How much do sliding glass doors cost?

Sliding glass doors typically cost between $1,000 and $5,000 for each cavity, including installation. But the costs can vary depending on:

  • Door size
  • Arrangement
  • Design and additional features
  • Removing doors and fixing door frames

We understand you might be tempted to save money by going the DIY route. But ask any Perth family who has tried to DIY sliding doors, and they’ll tell you the same thing: hire a professional installer.

The quality, warranty benefits, and hassle-free installation of professionally fitted glass doors far outweigh the labour costs. Just make sure you choose a qualified sliding door installer who specialises in high-quality residential doors and windows.

Choose Professional Glass and Maintenance

We supply and install affordable aluminium-framed glass sliding doors that exceed expectations. Professional Glass and Maintenance is an AS1288-2006 accredited company with a specially trained team and 40 years of local experience.

Contact us online for an obligation-free quote or call to speak with a sliding door specialist.

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