Keeping Your Home’s Glass Doors and Windows Secure

Keeping Your Home’s Glass Doors and Windows Secure

May 11, 2023

Secure your glass windows and doors without sacrificing style. While beautiful, they can pose safety risks for intruders and children. Here are the top solutions to keep your home safe with secure glass entryways.

Understanding the Risks of Unsecured Glass

Unsecured glass can pose serious safety risks in residential homes. It can lead to injuries, break-ins, property damage, and the need for urgent glass repairs, so proper security measures must be taken to prevent such risks.

Statistics on Home Break-ins in Perth

The rate of home break-ins in Perth is around 3.3 per 100 homes, with burglary being the most common type of property crime in the city. Perth has seen an increase in home break-ins over the past year, with an average of 20 incidents reported per day. It’s important to take necessary precautions to protect your home and family. 

How Burglars Exploit Weaknesses in Glass Doors and Windows

Burglars exploit weaknesses in glass doors and windows by using force, breaking or prying them open. They also exploit poorly installed or maintained locks, and vulnerable glass panes that can easily be shattered.

Assessing Your Home’s Glass Security Needs

Assessing your home’s sliding glass security needs is crucial in preventing break-ins. Evaluate the strength of your glass and consider adding security film or installing additional locks to ensure maximum protection.

Identifying Outdated Windows & Other Vulnerabilities in Your Home

Outdated doors, windows and other potentially vulnerable spots in your home, such as weak locks or lack of motion sensor lights, can make it an easy target for burglars. Regularly assessing and updating your home’s security measures is crucial to prevent break-ins.

Choosing the Right Type of Glass for Your Doors and Windows

Selecting tough, quality glass for your home is essential to increase security and prevent break-ins. Laminated and tempered glass are popular choices as they are more difficult to break and shatter into dangerous pieces.

Practical Tips for Securing Your Glass Doors and Windows

Replacing Outdated Glass with Modern, Secure Glass Options

Upgrading outdated glass with modern, secure glass options is a smart investment for enhancing home security. It can also improve energy efficiency, noise reduction, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Installing High-Quality Locks and Latches

Choosing to upgrade to high-quality locks and latches can provide an added layer of security for your home, deterring intruders and providing peace of mind. It can also help prevent accidents involving young children or pets getting out through unlocked doors or windows.

Consider Motion Sensor Lights and Cameras

Motion sensor lights and security cameras are an effective way to deter burglars and provide added security to your home. They detect any movement and can alert you and/or law enforcement of any potential threats.

Working with a Professional Glass Company for Optimal Security Solutions

Working with a professional glass company for sliding glass security is crucial for optimal safety solutions, as they can provide expert guidance on selecting secure glass and hardware options, and ensure proper installation to effectively prevent break-ins.

The Importance of Quality Installation for Security

Proper installation of high-quality glass windows and doors is crucial for optimal security, as it ensures that the products are functioning as intended and provides the necessary protection against potential threats. 

Experts at Professional Glass can provide expert guidance on choosing from a wide range of secure glass and hardware options, and ensure proper installation to effectively prevent break-ins.

Protect Your Home and Family with Glass Security Measures

Work with the reputable, qualified team at Professional Glass in WA for optimal security solutions. Over 40 years of experience ensures superior, secure glass that can protect your home and family from break-ins. 

Get in touch today to start securing your home or for emergency glass repair services

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