Window Repair vs. Replacement: What’s the Best Option?

Window Repair vs. Replacement: What’s the Best Option?

Jan 26, 2023

You don’t have to have a missing pane of glass to need a window upgrade. From unwanted drafts and stuck openings to cracked glass and weather-damage, there are many reasons to repair or replace your windows. 


Read to learn the pros and cons of window repair vs replace, and how to determine the most suitable option for protecting your home, and reducing those energy bills!

Your Options For Fixing Damaged Glass

It’s natural to want to save existing windows, but certain occasions call for them to be completely restored to prevent further consequences to your home. So, can a cracked window be repaired? While it’s typically more reliable to replace the pane, minor cracks can be repaired if the pane can be securely removed but this tends to be a short-lived solution. 

Repair: Pros and Cons

Repairing windows can be a good choice when the frame doesn’t need replacing, but DIY repairs are time-consuming. Large or complicated repairs should be carried out by professional glass repair providers


When comparing ‘window repair vs replace’ safety should come first; insufficient repairs can be unstable, short-lived, and offer poor energy-efficiency.

Types of window repair

  • Commercial window and door repairs. 
  • Re-seal and repair shop front windows
  • Fixed, sliding, louvre window repairs
  • Emergency after hour repairs

When repair is the best option

So, can a cracked window be repaired? While it can be a difficult process, repairs can be great for minor issues where the frame is not damaged as well as a temporary option for security.


Foggy or condensed windows often need a simple repair, where a new sash is installed to prevent leaks or streaks between double panes of glass.

Replacement: Pros and Cons

When considering window repair vs replace, experts tend to recommend replacement if cracked glass is present. While the crack can be stabilised, it will eventually need to be replaced as it spreads.


While window replacement is more costly than repairs, the long-term investment pays off through years of safety and energy-efficiency.

Types of glass replacement

Professional Glass provides expert replacements for a range of glass types:


  • Float glass 
  • Toughened glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Low-E glass
  • Double, triple glazing
  • Tempered glass
  • Safety glass 
  • Mirrors

When replacement is the best option

Updating your windows is recommended when glass is cracked or broken, is no longer securely within the frame, or if a double-pane seal is broken due to a crack – all resulting in safety hazards.


Replacement is also best for improving functionality and appearance, when old frames look outdated and are stiff to operate.

Factors to Consider: Determining the Best Option for Your Situation

Reliable windows keep your home and family safe, as well as lowering energy bills. While replacement is typically recommended for cracks, drafts, leaks, improper locking, discolouration, or older designs, the choice is yours. 


Repairs are more affordable than replacements but the results can be short-lived. However, replacing the glass alone is cheaper than a new frame.


Visually appealing windows can complement the architecture of your home as well as raise property value. Repairing glass alone won’t improve the aesthetics, but new tempered, float, or solar control glass (to name a few) will. 

Conclusion: Making an Informed Decision

If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your windows, qualified glaziers at WA owned Professional Glass are on hand to provide expert advice and prompt glass services.


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