What Do Glaziers Do?

What Do Glaziers Do?

Dec 20, 2022

Glass is an impressively versatile material, appearing in many important areas of our lives as windows, doors, skylights, and showers to name just a few.

The role of a glazier in Perth is expertly creating and installing a wide range of glass products, each one created to make our lives that little bit better. Read on to learn more!

What Is A Glazier? Skills and Responsibilities

Glaziers are highly skilled at glass alteration, installation, repair, and cutting and shaping glass fixtures for residential or commercial properties. Each project varies depending on the building and lifestyle requirements, from tempered glass for security to insulated glass for maintaining temperatures and sound control.


A typical day as a glazier in Perth requires a range of skilled expertise; assessing and measuring the area in question, cutting, trimming, smoothing and shaping the glass to fit, and carefully fixing it in place.

As well as following precise blueprints and colour/material preferences, sashes or mouldings may be required as well as weather sealant or putty on the joints. 


An expert glazier uses multiple skills to best utilise windows, doors, and skylights for light, inviting, airy results. 

Glass Repairs

Acquiring emergency glass repair is highly important for the protection of your property and any residents within. A leading glass repair company in Perth like Professional Glass will prioritise urgent situations and replace or repair glass panels quickly and effectively. 

Glass Cutting

Have glass cut to your exact specifications, regardless of the size or scale of your creative or renovation project. Choose from a wide range of colours, materials, shapes, and styles at Professional Glass, and access expert advice on the right product or service for your needs. 

Window Installation

Superior window and door installation service lead to robust, long-lasting results. Experienced glaziers can supply and install a wide range of glass products to meet your needs while adhering to all Australian Standards. Proper installation can help to prevent window breakage in the future.

Custom Residential and Commercial Work

From large renovation projects to minor chips in an office window, a reliable glass repair company can supply a range of customised services to meet your particular residential or commercial work requirements

Becoming a glazier

The path to becoming a skilled glazier in Perth is an accessible one. An apprenticeship provides the formal training needed to achieve a national qualification; while time is spent in structured training, the majority of skills are achieved through practical experience. Those still in school can begin training early, accessing apprenticeships through VET in schools. 

Working as a professional glazier involves multiple key areas of registration and compliance:

  • Building Commission of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety registration
  • A white card (Construction Induction Card) from a registered training centre approved by WorkSafe
  • AS1288-2006 accreditation for Australian Glazing Safety Standards
  • Employees fully trained in occupational health and safety with police clearance
  • Note that undertaking any work over $20,000 requires the supervision of an accredited building practitioner. 

Choose an expert glass repair company in WA

Professional Glass is a renowned supplier of premium glass products in Perth, taking immense pride in delivering superior work with top-quality materials and an immaculate finish. Get in touch today to request a quote or book urgent repairs. Browse the wide range of glass products and services available from Professional Glass online now.

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