Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With The Right Windows

Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With The Right Windows

Mar 23, 2023

Windows bring light and air into our homes, but without the right thermal efficiency, they can also deliver unwanted heat in Summer and avoidable heat loss in Winter. 

Protect your home and reduce your energy bills with superior energy-efficient windows. For help making the right choice, expert glaziers at Profesional Glass are happy to advise and assist with any requirements

The Role of Windows in Energy Efficiency

Windows play a vital role in enabling the movement of energy through a building. While windows themselves are passive and don’t use energy, they manage the transfer of energy to impact just how hot or cold a property is; making choosing energy-efficient windows a key part of designing and building any project. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

The difference between energy-efficient windows and older designs is the glazing type and framing material. Quality windows means living more comfortably, along with the advantages of reduced energy bills, as windows can lose a whopping 40% of a home’s heating energy without the right thermal efficiency. 

Glass type and thickness

The thickness of glass determines the strength and reliability of the glazing, so choosing the right type of glass is important for improving energy efficiency at home such as newer concepts like gas-filled windows. 

Popular double-glazing and triple-glazing windows provide impressive insulating barriers that significantly slow down the heat as it escapes or comes in, with two or three panes of glass minimising cold, heat, and noise movement. 

Window frame material

As each window frame material conducts energy, impacting its thermal abilities, determining the best material for energy efficiency is important. Timber, wood, and vinyl frames are reliable options due to their low ability to conduct energy, and aluminium is a durable and reliable long-term choice.

Window design and style

The depth, height, size, and design of your home’s windows impact their energy efficiency. Speak to expert glaziers about the best window style, orientation, and glazing choice for your needs

Energy ratings and certifications

The energy performance of a window clarifies just how efficient it is. Popular ratings to take into consideration include U-value (how much heat passes through a window in watts – the lower the better) and the WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) where 10 stars is a perfect score. 

Installation and Maintenance

Choosing quality, energy-efficient windows and an experienced installer is a long-term investment, creating lower energy bills and a more comfortable home with a higher market value. 

Choosing a qualified contractor

Investing in a reputable provider of quality windows ensures great long-term results for your home’s energy efficiency. Professional Glass supplies a range of premium glass windows and doors for homes across Perth, with a wide range of styles, colours, materials, and design options to suit any need. 

Maintenance tips to keep windows functioning efficiently

  • Check windows are properly locked and sashes are closed to minimise air filtration 
  • Inspect your windows weatherstripping, used to seal air leaks, and replace where damaged 
  • Clean windows and sills to remove dirt build-up that can impact energy efficiency
  • Check if air is leaking by attempting to blow incense through the windows from outside
  • Replace old glass with highly effective double-glazed panes

Top-quality energy efficient windows from Professional Glass

Over 40 years of experience supplying top-quality window installation and maintenance across Perth makes Professional Glass the most reliable choice. 

Contact us now to get started on improving your home’s energy efficiency, or speak to a friendly team member on 08 9470 9245.

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